Blekko Redirect is a dangerous google redirect rootkit that will hijack your web browsers. When you search on Google, the search results may be correct, but when you click on the links, Blekko Redirect virus will redirect you to other malicious websites and pops-up a lot of ads. Blekko Redirect Virus is linked to dangerous browser hijackers and other malware infections, which can hijack your web browser, change browser settings and block Internet users from normal web browsing. Such browser hijackers will also corrupt the local DNS (or Domain Name System) entries to accomplish their hijackers. That’s why even if you have reinstalled your browser but the problem will remain embedded in your operating system. Hence, user must understand any delay in removing the Blekko Redirect Virus completely will increase more risk of system failure. You should remove Blekko Redirect immediately upon detection.

Remove Blekko Redirect Infection

Blekko Redirect is a rouge program and is one of the latest addition to the group of fake antivirus programs. Blekko Redirect is designed in such a way that it looks like a genuine antivirus product but in reality it is just a useless program. Blekko Redirect fake software usually gets into your computer when you try to watch online movies from unknown websites. When you visit these websites, you are usually prompted to download a video codec to watch the movie. This is a trick done by the hackers to infect your computer with malware. The video codec actually contains the Blekko Redirect fake antivirus software installation files. Once the download is complete, Blekko Redirect will get automatically installed to your computer.

“Blekko Redirect should be removed as early as possible. Click the “Remove this infection” button to download Blekko Redirect removal tool.”

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