is a nasty Google Redirect hijacker created by hackers. Once your PC gets infected, whatever you type in the search engine, your browser will get redirected to its certain website secretly without you knowing. What drive you crazy is that the search engine provided by is completely useless. is designed to alter your web browser’s settings and redirect your searches to unsolicited websites. The virus can attack your PC any time and can change your Internet home page on IE or firefox. If there is redirection, system performs weirdly and sluggishly like something has controlled system processes. It is important that all associated malware be detected and removed with an antispyware program to ensure safe web browsing.

What is and how to remove it? is a fake system optimizer program. Although this program does state that it can help you resolve most of the computer problems you got, it has absolutely nothing to do with genuine system optimizer programs or optimizing computers. displays bogus errors messages and reports false information on the computer. will state that there are many critical errors in Windows system registry and that the computer hard drive is missing or defective. This fake software will block other software’s on your PC and won’t let you download any software from the Internet. will try to convince you that it is a genuine computer defragmenter program which will find all the errors on your PC and will provide a quick fix to remove those errors. You should not fall into this trap. program is a scam which tries to steal your money and also may try to steal any other personal information of yours available on your computer. As the system errors it detects are false, this software is a scam and should be avoided at any condition.

“ should be removed as early as possible. Click the “Remove this infection” button to download removal tool.”

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