FBI Virus is highly dangerous computer locker virus that used fake FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) alert to mislead users and scam money from fine. This scam presents about itself for the victim as ‘The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation’ alert aggressively claiming that your PC is blocked because of the Copyright and Related Rights Law violation or other reason. FBI Virus is caused by a Trojan infection that displays a misleading alert in order to lure the computer user to pay 100 Dollars in exchange for a registration code that removes this intrusive ransomware message. FBI Virus will typically lock down the infected computer system, blocking access to the desktop, Task Manager, files and security software. It is strongly recommended to uninstall FBI Virus completely from your computer before this nasty stuff damage your system and precious data further.

What is FBI Virus?

Newly released FBI Virus is a fake anti-malware software that shows false scan results in order to scare customers into purchasing their rogue FBI Virus program. This fake FBI Virus software is displayed through fake online scanners that tells your computer is infected with virus. It may be also promoted on p2p networks. Once installed, FBI Virus will start a system scan and report numerous false security threats.

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