is a malicious browser hijacker which often combines with another notorious browser to attack the target computers. can occupy your browser without your permission and it appears unconsciously with a good looking like search engine. looks like a genuine useful search engine, however, this is just a pirate search. changes your system setting, It’s not easy to alter back the settings that has already reset by redirect virus like it takes over your web browsers and appears as your only search engine. Once infected, you’ll find extremely annoying because this malicious hijacker constantly redirects you to the undesirable web sites without your approval. decreases the computer performance and interrupt the normal use of your Internet visiting. Besides, your personal and private information can be at the risk of being recorded and transferred to remote hijacker controller. Remove immediately once it has been detected.

What is is a rogue anti-spyware program. It means is a fake application which pretends itself as a anti-spyware software. The design and looks of software is exactly same as that of a genuine anti-spyware software. But in reality is just a waste application designed to show you fake security warnings and pop-ups.

“ should be removed as early as possible. Click the “Remove this infection” button to download removal tool.”

Download Spyware Doctor

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